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About US

We believe that children and adults enjoy heroes and gain inspiration from them. We want to use this platform to bring the heroes to your event or child's party. Using this experience we want to bring a positive motivational message for the children that may help shape their future. The Hero will bring the message for the children to "Be The Hero" to their community. He will reinforce the message of doing good deeds and doing the right thing in their lives as they grow up so as to make our community a better place. He will teach them to "Turn The Bad Stuff Into Good Stuff". In a community and time with such issues like drugs and bad decision making, this is a needed message to help give the children motivation to overcome the temptations they may face growing up. If we can reach them when they are young we can help make our community a better and safer place one child at a time! This is the message that changes and shapes the communtiy and our future.
The message of........"BE THE HERO" 




The Hero Visit

Imagine your child in the midst of their party or function,or even at school, surrounded by all their friends and family; then out of nowhere, their Hero,arrives just for them! I provide an authentic Hero experience with a movie quality costume taken from the molds of the movie designers themselves. This suit is complete with many of the gadgets that your child has seen in the movie. (Please see pictures page)
Along with the visit of course will be the message of inspiration to help motivate everyone in attendance to "Be The Hero" to their community.



The Hero Visit

About Me:
I am passionate about helping to do all I can to prepare our youth for the challenges faced in our schools and community. This is a mission I will take on till I am no longer capable of doing so. If we empower and shape the lives of our children then we can make a better community and a better world for generations to come. With the support of the community I belive that we can bring special events and moments to our children with a message that inspire them in a lasting way and help all of us achieve a better community all the way around!
Now I am a resident of Huntington,West Va..I have served the public as a career firefighter for many years. two years of this service was overseas in Iraq as a Dept. Of Defense Firefighter on various Military bases throughout Iraq from 2009-2011.
After my service in Iraq ended in 2011 I made Huntington, West Va home after meeting my lovely Wife Ronda. I have been here 2 years now and we are the proud parents of a new baby girl.
The transition was tough however, as I have found it difficult to find work doing the Fire Service that I love so much. Yet my time in the fire service has had me involved in child safety education as I taught many safety classes for children in schools and other programs. My services have been used locally here by the YMCA as well.
Children have always been an inspiration for me. I can think of no better calling than to help make a child's party or function as memorable and influential as it can be. So, here I am, willing to be their Cape Crusader or even fully geared Firefighter coming to their event just for them.
I believe that we go through tough situations in order to be used as tools to reach others at some point. I believe that God uses these experiences, if we will let Him, to reach those who have endured similar pain.
I also believe that the most powerful thing you can do for a community is to inspire and help motivate our children. This will help them to grow up stable,confident and able to face the challenges that they will face. To inspire our children is to shape the generations to come! With all of the challenges and tough things that children grow up to face in these times I have made it my personal mission to do all I can to help prepare as many kids as I can to be a TRUE HERO to themselves and all of those around them!
During my visitation I will bring an age appropriate, positive message of inspiration, safety and daring to dream. I will also stress the importance of STAYING AWAY FROM DRUGS, NO BULLYING and whatever other message that is needed or requested by the parents to help their children be even better kids.
I am also available for other functions and parties, such as Birthdays, school functions, Halloween, Christmas, or just a random surprise if need be. What an awesome addition to a Halloween Party, or a great christmas gift; a personal visit from their hero on a chosen day and location!